Procrastination vs Motivation

5 Jan

A fitting topic considering it is a new year. Welcoming in 2011 with a renewed sense of self-worth and confidence.  I approach my computer with hesitation or could it be something bigger, more omnipresent like… Procrastination!

Every new year I strive to improve my health, my finances, my love life. Yet each year I find, I am  still not exactly where I want to be. You know, Living MY Dream!!! What is it that is holding me back?  This invisible force  better known as Procrastination or voice in our brain that says “oh, I can do that tomorrow” or “that’s too much work”. Will be overcome! Over come by me with the help of my little friend the Motivator!!!!

I’ve taken numerous classes and seminars on living my dream, read the books and even put many of the Vision Board related practices to test. For those of you not familiar with this tasks, you cut out pictures of the things you want in your life; dream car, house on the beach, a loving  partner…you get the drift, and paste them onto poster board. Then focus your energy and attention on this board, believing  in your heart and mind that you WILL have all of these things in your life. I’ve learned that you must truly believe you can and will have these things in your life and also believe you deserve them. With that comes the task of forgiveness.  Forgiveness not only to those you feel have done you wrong, but more importantly forgiveness of self.

So how do we learn to get out of our own way and stop the insanity of procrastination? I believe the opposite of procrastination is motivation. I also believe that when I am motivated to do something, I actually do it!  It’s important  to find  different motivators for each thing it is you want to improve. For example, if you want to get into the best shape of your life, why not learn what the people who you admire are doing. For me it’s pretty simple, try something new and see how it makes you feel.  I got some Sketcher  Shape Up trainers today and a Bally’s magnetic, neoprene workout belt that help increase circulation, that really seem to charge up my calorie burning abilities. This motivates me to see how many inches I can raise my ass and how many inches I can whittle away around the middle. Goal 26 inches baby!!!!

Another way to stay motivated is to share your goals and dreams with people and ask them for support. That is what I am proposing today! Share your dreams and goals with me, as I will with you and let’s see if we can achieve our own personal greatness together. Start by asking yourself. What would my life look like if I were living my dream? The idea is to create a verbal vision board that exsist in your mind’s eye. Saying the words in the present tense helps bring the Real feelings forward.

My life is wonderfully full, exciting and balanced. I am living my dream each day and enjoying every minute of my life.  I am fortunate enough to have 2 homes.  One in California, in the Venice Canals, near the beach. It has amazing lighting and is peacefully surrounded by green foliage and flowers. It is a modern designed, eco-friendly home and it is filled with treasures I have collected on my travels. It has plenty of room for friends and family to come visit. I enjoy taking photos, playing my guitar and writing songs, varied workouts of running, weights, pilates, biking, blading,hiking and yoga. My other home is in Austin, Texas on Lake Austin near the Mopac bridge. This home is my retreat and the place I come to just be. It has a large yard for playing sports and has its own boat dock, with boat and driver…hahaha! Okay it’s my dream. This home has more old world charm and is the place friends and family come for the holidays and enjoy the huge fireplace and Jacuzzi.

My career is incredible and I love the feeling of being financially free!!! I have my own show on HBO. I’d tell you more about it but it’s confidental…You’ll just have to see it. It is very inspirational and is helping people all over the world. I have had the most amazing time working on the show and have traveled to exotic locations and continue to meet people who astonish me with their kindness each time. I am one of the top bloggers with a following of 11 million fans that love me 🙂 I am also working on the screenplay of my life.

My family and friends are all healthy, happy and living their dreams!

And for all this I am so grateful!

I would love to hear your dreams!

Living the dream,


Inspiration: To Find My Purpose

21 Dec

“It is already inside of us!” says Michael Beckwith.  The stories, the lessons, the wisdom, the talent; are not lacking. Just our willingness to get over our own doubts and fears and live our lives OUT LOUD!!!

So here’s to beginning to live my life out loud. Not hiding my stories in a little book beside my bed, or sharing them with the random friend that calls for the latest beauty trick. Oh ya fellows, I said trick.  We used to call them secrets, but now with the way Victoria Secrets has taken the  padded bra to a whole new level, let’s call it what it is….a trick. To see if we can get your attention long enough for you to…….and he’s off to the BBD. That’s  a Bigger Better Deal and that’s a whole other subject.

For today I will stick to the topic at hand: Inspiration. I was inspired to start this BLOG by my dear friend B, along with the rest of my extended family, but it was really B that got super passionate about me telling my stories to the world. His enthusiasm was convincing enough for me to take action and start this journey of self discovery through and with YOU.

So thank you B!

And thank you God!



Hello world!

21 Dec

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!